About the Book

The Tiny House Design System is a collection of tiny house forms, like building blocks, that can combine to create consistent and cohesive designs. You can design tiny houses from simple to complex, traditional to contemporary, making it easier for owner-builders and professionals to design and build tiny houses. You can also design your tiny house with the design system and hire a professional to build your design. Inside you’ll find:

  • Hundreds of Illustrations
  • Dimensioned Plans
  • Wide Variety of Roof Styles, Including Gable, Hip, Dutch Gable, Cross Gable, Shed, Gambrel, Arched, Saltbox, Asymmetric, Clerestory, Flat, and Wedge.
  • Over 500 Pages

The perfect tiny house is the one you design yourself. It’s expansive enough to help you avoid creating cookie-cutter homes yet versatile enough to empower you to create personalized designs. Also factored into the design system are the legal road limits for tiny houses. Using the dimensioned drawings for each house form, you can build a tiny house that falls within the road limits for tiny houses on trailers.

The tiny house movement emphasizes simplicity and minimalism, focusing on smaller, more efficient homes. This design system empowers more people to create their unique designs. It aligns with the tiny house movement’s core values, efficient use of space and resources, affordability, and a focus on living a meaningful life.

About the Author

Michael Janzen designed his first tiny house in 2008. In addition to tiny house design, he is a digital product designer, ceramic artist, and author of Tiny House Floor Plans and 101 Tiny House Designs

He’s known for creating easy-to-use tiny house plans that empower owner-builders to design and build their own tiny houses. 

The Tiny House Design System represents ten years of development and refinement and is now ready for publication. He hopes it takes owner-designed tiny houses to the next level, removes barriers, and helps people design personalized tiny houses. See how the design system works in practice at YouTube.com/@MichaelJanzen.

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